Dr Mark Bridgman Is Retiring 


Dr Mark Bridgman is retiring at the end of March. More news will follow about who will be taking over his patients.

Please see a few words from Dr Bridgman:


All Good things come to an end.

Of course nothing lasts forever but this proverb is often used when something that has given you happiness and pleasure comes to an end.
At the end of March I will retire from the Hadleigh Practice after 36 years as a doctor, the last 24 of them at this Practice.

As a young child growing up on a large sheep farm in the central North Island of New Zealand, I had always wanted to become a doctor.  I enjoyed finding the lost lambs and uniting them with sheep who had lost their offspring.  When helping out in the shearing shed I would become fixated with sheep who had been nicked by the slightly speedy shearers and spend hours in a side pen trying to fix their wounds.

I had envisaged being a country GP in New Zealand but of course like most Kiwis I had wanted to see a bit of the world first.

After arriving in the UK in 1990 I was lucky to work in several large teaching hospitals and follow with an interest in paediatrics. I worked at the John Radcliffe in Oxford, Guys and St Thomas’s , Saint Mary’s Paddington and Southampton.  After four years of fascinating and challenging work I decided to return to my original plan of being a GP.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work to work in Corfe Mullen, Broadstone and the surrounding villages.

Whilst my early interest in paediatrics could be continued it’s been the diversity of all ages and backgrounds that has held my interest for the last 24 years.

The team at the Hadleigh have aways been supportive and caring even if my antipodean ‘speak before you think’ has occasionally landed me on the naughty step.

I have particularly enjoyed being a teacher and mentor for training GP’s.  Many of these are the doctors you see today.  I will miss the day job hugely, but the youngest of my six children are 8 and 10 & I can now be the hands on dad I was perhaps too busy to be for my older children.

After my time as a GP, I now have a more expansive idea of a human and illness.  It’s not just about dispensing pills and ordering tests.

Thank you for the opportunity and the realisation of a childhood dream.

Hasta la vista 

Dr Mark Bridgman signing off.

Published: Jan 19, 2024