New Telephone System


You may have noticed now that we have a new phone system, this was updated last month.

The new telephone system was bought in to help improve patient experience and we thought that we would update you with a couple of the new things this system can do.


You now know what position in the queue you are

We have the option of a call back. If you are in the queue and you are caller 6 or above you will be offered the option of a call back. Just follow the instructions given and your queue position will be held. Once your position is reached the system automatically calls you back. If for some reason you are unable to answer it the first time the system will try to call you one more time. If you are unable to answer again, you will need to call us back when you are able. If you have requested a call back please do wait for this, as you will duplicate your calls if you call again in the meantime.

We can now monitor our call volumes at different times/days. This is allowing us to analyse our telephone answering performance and start to put in improvement plans.

Published: Apr 19, 2024