The Hadleigh Practice Patient Participation Group (PPG)


Who are we?

We are patients who liaise with the managers and clinicians at The Hadleigh Practice to support and promote the best possible health care for all patients.


What do we do?

We act as the patients’ “voice” in seeking to influence the service which the GP Practice gives to its community.

  • We consult with the GP Practice on the development and provision of community needs;
  • We contribute to and are kept informed of GP Practice decisions;
  • We participate in two-way communication with both the NHS Dorset Integrated Care Board (ICB) and the Practice to positively influence the provision of health services in the locality;
  • We promote the needs of the community by encouraging and supporting activities within the GP Practice to encourage preventative medicine and healthy lifestyle choices;
  • We share news of the work of the PPG with the community in a variety of ways including The Hadleigh Practice website, social media, posters and leaflets.
  • We ensure that patient information and advice are readily available and clearly presented.

Who Can Join the PPG?

Any registered patient of The Hadleigh Practice over the age of 18 may become a member of the PPG. Our PPG includes various ages, experiences and backgrounds, so we all bring something different to the PPG.

Patients can join the PPG as either a full member (receiving information and attending meetings when possible) or as a “virtual member” (receiving information/survey requests only). 


How often does the PPG meet?

We meet at approximately every 3 months: days and times are varied to enable members to attend. Where face to face meetings are not possible, the Group meets using video call technology.


What are the Ground rules?

  • PPG members appoint a chairperson, for three years. The role of the Chairperson is to facilitate PPG meetings, ensuring that the Group functions appropriately, that there is full participation during meetings, that all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are made and carried out.
  • A meeting agenda is published on the Practice website and circulated to all members and invitees at least three working days before each meeting. Minutes are distributed to the members (and published on the Practice website) as soon as possible following the meeting.
  • The members of the PPG maintain confidentiality and will always act in the best interest of the patients free from bias or discrimination.
  • PPG members have no part to play, nor will they become involved in patients’ personal medical matters.
  • PPG members are committed to open, respectful and constructive discussions – meetings are not a forum for individual complaints and single issues.